We're making a positive
difference, one shift at a time.
With ShiftMate, each healthcare professional and facility can find the perfect match so everyone can extend the best quality of care in the best environment for their patients and their own well-being. That’s empowerment.
Work with extraordinary people.
Provide extraordinary care.

Can you imagine being able to handpick your dream team at a moment’s notice? Pick the right person for the right job while paying for the right price. With ShiftMate, this is possible!

For hiring managers, you can filter through a plethora of candidate profiles and quickly select and hire only those that meet your criteria.

For job seekers, you can personally craft your work-life balance, on your own terms then get paid what you deserve.

ShiftMate is a smart and easy-to-use online-based healthcare staffing platform that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Your vocation is also our passion.Work with us today
We value your experiences, skills, and time. Shiftmate is where you can showcase just that along with your profile and your preferences. You can then find the perfect shifts that suit you best! You have the power to choose the work you want.
Work on your own terms
Your work is essential. YOU are essential. You already get to have the fulfillment of making a positive difference in someone’s life after helping them through their medical issues -- now, be fulfilled by working when and where you desire. Work the shifts that you feel will help you achieve the best work-life balance while extending care to those who need it.
Your value matters
If building credibility on your own career means a lot to you, it does to us, too. With ShiftMate, you get to showcase your skills, experiences, and expertise, so you can connect with the right facilities that will station you to areas that fit your skills, training, and specialty.
We got your back
We make sure every step you take is easy in every way. ShiftMate is always committed to helping you find work, helping you grow your career, and helping you get the pay you deserve as you make positive differences in people’s lives.
Your facility is dedicated to helping others. Let us help you in return
People depend on your healthcare facility to aid them in their time of medical need, so you need equally dedicated staff to carry out the best quality of care. With the right skills, experience, and price, you can quickly find a casual staffer match most suitable for the job.
Post available shifts at the last minute
Needing staff on short notice? ShiftMate matches you to healthcare professionals that have the skillset, experiences, and specialties that your patients require, no matter when you need it.
Hire Permanent Staff
Appreciating the staff, too? ShiftMate also enables you to find the best candidates for permanent positions. You can even post those vacancies so healthcare professionals can find them easily, then get to know candidates based on skill, psychometric analysis, specialty, and more. No need to worry about super hefty fees!
Give feedback
Give feedback on the performance and attitude of the professionals to help other facilities benefit from the care and service these staffers provide. You can even add them to your favorites so that you can stay connected with them, and we can connect you to similar staff.
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Conveniently book shifts and find staff at the tap of a screen, and make a positive difference for those needing healthcare. Download ShiftMate today.

Ingrid Bolinget
Registered Nurse, CNS
 “I am a single mom, I have to make sure that my work schedule does not get in the way in supporting my children and being there for them physically. That’s exactly what ShiftMate has offered me. I now have the flexibility to work when and where I want while being paid the rate that I deserve.”
Leana Eslabra
Registered Nurse
“The job satisfaction when working with ShiftMate is next to none!  I am more motivated and inspired to give my best because I feel that I am respected and valued! ” 
Patricia Barriga
“As a Uni student, it is very important for me to have flexibility with my job so I can focus on my studies. ShifMate offers the flexibility that I need! I can accept shifts based on my availability and still make enough to cover my bills.”